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Hanson Plywood Limited is a UK supplier of wood-based panel products for various flooring applications. With a focus on import, storage, and distribution, the company provides a wide range of products that meet the needs of its customers.

Hanson Plywood Limited's expertise in the industry has allowed offering a wide range of wood-based panel products, including plywood, MDF, OSB, and more. These products are specifically designed for use in flooring applications, providing durable and reliable solutions for commercial and residential spaces alike. Trust Hanson Plywood Limited for top-quality wood-based panel products that are sure to meet your flooring needs.

Hanson Plywood SP101

Hanson Plywood SP101

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Hanson Plywood provides a wide variety of carefully sourced, multifaceted hardwood plywood products that are appropriate for a wide range of flooring applications. The assortment of hardwood plywood sheets from Hanson Plywood is made up of various deciduous tree species.
Plywood is an engineered wood manufactured from several layers that are glued together improving strength, stability and prevents warping. An excellent solution for general-purpose construction panel.