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Can you remember what buildings looked like when you went to school? Style wasn’t top of the agenda, and if you were to revisit your old stomping ground you’d likely be horrified at what was once deemed okay for school buildings.

For 39 weeks of the year, schools are amongst the busiest buildings in the UK. With, on average, 910 pupils per school, the flooring installed throughout the buildings has to be hardy enough to withstand a large footfall, yet easy to install, without impacting on the academic calendar and strict budgets.

The Grace Academy in Solihull, required a flooring solution that would do just that, whilst looking attractive enough to impress almost 800 teenagers. Working closely with the main flooring contractor, Sheldon Flooring, one of our heavy-contact carpet tiles, Sigma, was specified throughout the school.

CFS Sigma is often specified within schools and colleges due to its high resistance and ability to withstand extreme footfall. With a huge density of 185,650 per m2, it’s robust enough to service a high footfall without becoming damaged and worn, meaning the academy wouldn’t need to replace them as often. Cost savings are key for education projects.

The quality of product installed within public sector buildings also plays a key role within their specification. Obviously, the safety of the students is paramount in schools, so any products installed have to meet strict classifications. CFS Sigma is classified to flammability rating BS EN 13501-1 Class CflS1, ensuring the safety of all students and staff.

A challenge in the sector is that renovations within schools cannot always be scheduled for the holidays, so it was really important that the selected carpet could be installed with ease, without impacting on the students, or their education. Manufactured and supplied in tiles, Sigma is quick and easy to fit, with a reduced amount of wastage.

A huge benefit interiors designers experience with tiles like Sigma is that they’re able to mix and match colours and structures to suit any aesthetic, which creates unique spaces. Plus, if a tile is damaged, it can be replaced individually, rather than relaying the whole floor at unnecessary expense and effort.

Ultimately, flooring is just as important as the paint choice or the colour of the lockers. For the Grace Academy, 400m2 of Style Blue Chic 360 was the perfect companion.

CFS has a proven track record of projects within the education sector, and we know what works. We hope the students and staff at the Grace Academy enjoy their new flooring as much as we do, and we look forward to working on similar projects in the future.

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12/02/2018 09:00:00